Lush Swaps

“Jasmine Aesthetics” ジャスミンの美学 250g Shower Gel

1. Lush Japan’s Limited Edition “Jasmine Aesthetics” ジャスミンの美学 250g Shower Gel.

2. ISO - Rose Jam Shower Gel. I ask that shipping be paid for this via PayPal since I had to pay a fee to a shopping service to purchase this gel, shipping from Lush Japan to the shopping service, then shipping from the shopping service to me. I am also willing to just sell this gel if nobody has a swap.

3. I will only ship within the USA.

4. New, only opened to sniff. Made on 09/13/2012 and expires 09/12/2013.

5. Please contact me at ChibiNuku(at)aol(dot)com.

Lush Jasmine Aesthetics ジャスミンの美学

Items for swap:

Unopened 250g Rose Jam shower gel (made in the UK)

Twice used Potion body lotion 240g (made in NA)

TWO unused 1.5 oz Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner (made in NA)

Slightly picked 100g Snowshowers shower jelly (made in UK, stored in a freezer)

Unused Love massage bar (wrapped in plastic wrap, made in NA, from Valentines 2012)

A little crumbled Witches Ball bubble bar (made in UK, wrapped in plastic wrap)

Opened Japanese Strawberry Santa shower jelly (made in Japan, forums have lead me to believe that this is Strawberry Santa with its scent, kept in freezer, I only opened it to smell it)

Aura Suavis bubble bar (Japan retro, never used, wrapped in plastic)


Creamy Candy fragrance (as many as humanly possible)

Flosty Gritter bubble bar

Sugar Plum Fairy sugar scrub

Twinkle bath bomb

Fluffy Egg bath bomb

Jilted Elf shower jelly

American Cream fragrance/solid perfume

Snow Fairy solid


Shipping is not limited although going to AU is crazy expensive. I’m based in the United States. The things bolded are the reason I am listing the last of my tradable Lush stash. I am not willing to swap these items unless there’s a combination of the items I am in search of. EX: Rose Jam SG for x3 Creamy Candy fragrance, x2 Fluffy Egg bath bomb, x2 SPF sugar scrub, x1 Jilted Elf SJ. Or something like that. I honestly wouldn’t be trading my Rose Jam SG if it wasn’t for my undying love for Creamy Candy and American Cream.

I can be contacted through tumblr but I’d prefer an email to: I will ask for photos from people willing to swap unless I’ve swapped with them before or know them from the forums. Thank you for looking! 

ohitsjustjess asked: Hi all! I don't have much to give away so I'd like to buy things if that's alright. I am after: - comforter gel/lotion - twilight gel/perfume - the brightside bubble bar/sun perfume (apparently same scent?) I'm from Australia for reference and we don't have many of the things I listed. Thanks :)


Twilight perfum

I am looking for Twilight perfum, is there anyone who wants to get rid of it? :)

I have:

1 Squeaky Green Shampoo Bar (Brand New)

1 8.8oz (250g) bottle of Potion Lotion (tried a little but not fan of scent and i couldn’t try in stores because it’s retro)

1 tub of H’Suan Wen Hua (over 2/3 full, used once, couldn’t stand smell)

1 Little Green Bag wrap

I’m not ISO anything in particular, still in that “wanna try everything” stage!

I would prefer to ship only to US

All items are within date, purchased in the last 2 months

Please e-mail, will check e-mail daily!

Please e-mail if you have questions or want to see pictures!!

1. I have tons of things!
just a preview of items I have..
CALACUS Shower Jelly
Snowglobe Soap (gift box size)
Snow cake Soap (gift box size)
Ghost Shower Jelly (LRG)
Pumpkin Soap (3 of them)
Flying saucers Shower Gel (500 ml, used once)
Slammer Shower Gel (500 ml, never used)
Fluffy egg bath bomb (3 of them)
Brightside bubble bar (3 of them)
Carrot top bubble bar
Immaculate Eggception (yellow)
Mr. Punch Soap (gift box size)
Ponche shower gel (100ml)
Hot date bubble bar
Queen of Hearts Soap
Creme Anglaise (for those of you where they are discon.)
Demon in the Dark (for those of you where they are discon.)
Almond and coconut smoothie (for those of you where are are discon.)
I have SO much more, but it would take forever to list.
Just ask and I might have it/be able to get it

I just can’t get my hands on these things!
Ghost Shower gel (500ml) 
So White Perfume
Lady Catrina Scented anything, Except Enchanter and Calacus
Yuzu and Cocoa Perfume
Snow Cake Perfume
WIll trade for equal dollar value

3. no particular restrictions, depends on case by case

4. All in excellent condition. There are still 5-14 months of use on the things that do expire

I check that email daily. I’ll get back to you asap.

6. I don’t have a photo of everything, I have over 40 limited edition products. I’ll email them as requested.

Let’s swap some stuff!!


Bare Naked Lady dusting powder:
1. Bare Naked Lady dusting powder.2. Anything of equal price (7.00$) I’m very open for options.3. US only.4. Made on 1-14-13, expires 3-14-14. Used lightly 1-4 times.5. Contact me via ask box, and further contact/plans will be through email.  

Bare Naked Lady dusting powder:

1. Bare Naked Lady dusting powder.
2. Anything of equal price (7.00$) I’m very open for options.
3. US only.
4. Made on 1-14-13, expires 3-14-14. Used lightly 1-4 times.
5. Contact me via ask box, and further contact/plans will be through email.  

Limited edition Comforter Body Lotion for swap or sale!!!

Comforter Shower gel
CALACAS shower gel
Honey Hugs shower gel
Ghost shower gel

Any RETRO SHOWER GEL or DISCON. email me at whitxomarie @ gmail . Com

Forum Party Perfumes!

I have:

1x Snowcake Perfume (used a couple times, but mostly full!)

1x Big Perfume (used a few times, but also mostly full)

I’m Looking for:

Rose Jam Perfume

American Cream Perfume

Comforter Perfume

Or just try me, but those are what I’m looking for mostly! :) is my email!

Wanna help some guy from good ol’ Germany?

First of all: Hi everybody :),
I am desperately looking for Lush stuff which is not available in Germany. Here’s a short list of what I’m looking for
 1x Magic Mushroom Bubble Bar
3,5 oz Sandstone
3,5 or 7 oz Demon in the Dark (MOST IMPORTANT ONE)

And here comes the stuff I am willing to give you:
1x Big cup of Sweetie Pie Shower Jelly
100 gramm of Mr Punch soap (should be around 3,5 oz)
1x Skins Shangri La
1x Small bottle of Flying Fox
1x Small bottle of Snow Fairy
1x Bar of Lust Soap special edition
1x Tiny cup of Roots
1x Geo Phyzz Bath Bomb (not on the Photo)

All of these products are unused.They are all in a very good condition, the oldest one is the Sweetie Pie Shower Jelly and expires on the 31/07/13.
I have many many many many many many more Lush products, if you are looking for something which you might think I own, feel free to ask me.

Everyone who swaps with me receives an extra Lush surprise :D
If you want to swap with me, just contact me here on tumblr. Then we can discuss everything else. 

Last but not least, there is a photo of what I’m offering